Tidbits 3

Rant –

College is not the place for aspirations. College is the place for application.

You get in, you get out after being shaped by the system. It’s no place for people who would like to be, say, writers.

It undermines creativity, especially if that creativity leads down a certain unorthodox path.

Fact –

There was another power cut yesterday. It was the third of the day. It makes me question why some countries still require their good citizens to pay their bills when they are unable to procure the basic necessities required for their survival.

We are not evolved, we are not advanced people no matter the number of doctors and lawyers and engineers on our list. This country is still living off generators due to its inability to find consistent power sources and produce continuous electricity for its people.

Rant –

People are like systems. They function depending on certain workflows they built for themselves. They work in continuous motion, with the same force and energy bearing the conditions around them don’t change. Depending on the variables and parameters that serve as inputs to their lives, they are able to produce constant unwavering outputs and surf through their existence in an almost linear fashion.

Except that most variables that dictate or at least influence our lives are constantly changing, evolving. Things like the weather, things like politics, things like technology, things like hobbies and likes and dislikes, things like society and culture and other people.

Fact –

The words of Hardy and Pynchon are playing with my thoughts. They’re hanging around in my brain, lurking about in my interiors, galloping through the confines of my mind. They make me reflect on many things: women, life, alcohol, introspection. The common thing between men. The things​ that separate them. The difference between a man’s character and another’s. The calm ones. The nerds. The beggars. The street rats. The rich and powerful.

There are too many categories, too many classifications and too many labels for things.

Fact –

I still indulge in the occasional beer or two at night while listening to Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd.