Tidbits 208517

Poem written by a man and read by a woman.

“I want to devour you”

I want to devour

your mind

I want to devour

your soul

and everything

in between

I want your words

to become the blood

pumping from my heart

through my vessels

circulating in my body

and keeping me alive.


I want to devour

your poetic thoughts

your shameless romantic gestures

your fearless disease-inducing


your mind-numbing sentences

your eyes

your eyes

the delicate look

in your eyes…

even the drinks

you gulp down your throat

the food you eat

the people you like

or dislike

I want to devour them


I want to devour

everything in you

outside of you

and around you


And when these lines

draw a full circle

and go back to the start

I will reach out to you


like I once did before

only this time

it will not go


and my spirit

and my heart

will live through

these words.