Between the City and the Underground: The Struggles of a Twenty-First Century Writer


A Page

Writer’s Block

Free Flow





Chasing Shadows

Slaying the Beast

False Starts


Cruel Profession

The Trial of a Writer

The Underrated Art

Playing with Inspiration

Looking Into The Night: Imitation, Conviction And Truth

Creative Disaccord

The Recycle Bin

To The Critics

Stateless Writing

When Passion becomes a Dream

The Conquering Masses

Just Rewards

Love and Affection

When You’re at a Loss

All Work and No Play

(For)Getting Your Life Plan

Fading Like a Candle Flame

Dynamic Writing

Saving the World

Hanging in there

Writing the Apocalypse

Writing in Steps

When Words Fail

Holding On To Something

Bar Observations

The Holiday Blues

Revisiting the Past

Writing in the Real World

Running Out of Gas

Twisted Words

Joie de Vivre

Paying Dues

A Girl, the rain and a few lasting words

Echo Location


Two Romantics

A Bad Dream

Valuable Purchases

A Changing Force

Normal Grounds

Misbehaving To Write

The Green Paper

Swimming In Circles

The Barber Shop



Art Class

The Voting Line

The Price of Writing

Finding Others

The Boy

The Word God


A Meeting with the President

Parting Ways

Not Another Dirty Story

A Tribute To K.V.

Time Machine

Genetic Mutation

Personal Pace

On Writing, Productivity and Other Things

Letter To A Young Fool

Between the Writing and the Women: A Full-time Job

The Most Beautiful Girl In Town

The Residual Dream

The Gambler

Assessment of the Printed Word

The Writing Life

So You Want To Be A Writer?

The Roots



Facing God


Degenerate Love Stories

City of Ruins

The Open Road

The Roof

Lava Land

The Night I Became A Drunk

Different Worlds

From the Pages of the Recollection of a Writer’s Writing Activities

Bar Reading

The Confessional Letters – Boy Meets World

The Confessional Letters – Introduction

The Taxi

Messy Little Lives

The Interview


Writing Seminar

Free Verse

Notes on an Ugly Society

The Smoke


Back to his Best

Brute Force





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