Bio: Born on September 16,1993, and hailing from the small village of Bejjeh (North of Lebanon), Hanna Abi Akl is an aspiring young author who devotes his time to writing poetry, fictional short stories and novels.

Raised in a small family and imprinted with the Lebanese and Arabic traditions, Hanna took an interest in western literature and quickly began learning foreign languages since his early upbringing. That is when he realized his penchant for the English language which he quickly started developing and mastering over the years to join the club of Arab-American writers of modern time.

His writing is inspired by real places and stems from a real environment; war-torn Lebanon and the mannerisms of Lebanese society often take center stage in his works.

His characters are also derived from his Middle-Eastern heritage and are fashioned in a way akin to the people he grew up around. However, being heavily influenced by western literature, Hanna has imbued his characters with foreign traits that make them stand out as individuals of the Orient capable of defying and challenging the norms of his society.

Hanna’s works have already appeared in many literary magazines like the RainPartyDisaster Society, TalkingSoup and CentumPress Publishing.

He recently published his first novel, A Road Away From Home.




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