Tidbits 1

2 guys at work arguing about the placement of a wire in front of me.

They’re fighting and screaming at each other like madmen because one of them thinks the wire should be placed in a certain way while the other thinks it should be placed in another.

‘It’s just a wire’, I told them.

‘What’s that, new guy?’

‘At the end of the day, it’s just a wire,’ I repeated myself. ‘It doesn’t matter how it’s placed.’

‘Well look at that,’ one of them says, ‘he goes on for weeks without saying a word and now he’s all knowledgeable!’

‘So now suddenly you think you know everything there is to know about working at an electrical equipment store?’

No – and I didn’t want to. It was a goddamned electrical shop we were working at. And here were these two people acting like it was the most important job in the world. I hated the hours, I hated the workplace and I hated the people there.But it was all I had for the moment. I’d have rather bummed but I couldn’t afford to. And besides, I didn’t know how to bum like the best of them.


A final spot on the left-side of the road just cleared and I swooped in to park. But some guy beat me with his black Murano and took the spot. Now I’m forced to park on the right side and chase down the few coins I might or might not have at the bottom of my wallet to pay the park-meter. You look at that Murano guy, you look at a guy like that and you can’t help but think to yourself after what you’ve just witnessed: this guy’s going to have a good day. This guy’s going to have a really good day. You could tell. You could just tell.

I, on the other hand, was still in my car, examining my wallet inside out, occasionally stopping to admire the morning rain washing down my dirty windshield, thinking this car needs a wash, this car really needs a wash. But so did I. I needed cleansing from all that rotten luck; I needed cleansing from all the bad days and bad moments and bad episodes of life.

And most of all, I needed cleansing from people like the Murano guy.



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