There comes a point in every man’s life when he questions his purpose. A point when he questions his motives and his reason of being.

Writers face these questions on a daily basis. Each time they put pen to paper, they think about their words and their significance in the world. They think about the impact of every line, the power of every punctuation mark and the influence of every idea.

There comes a point in time when every man faces questions over his purpose.

For most people, the answers to those questions are the key to getting ahead in life.

For writers, it is this endless struggle between the self and the outside world which provides the fuel in their search for truth.

Sometimes, the questions are more important than the answers.

Sometimes, questions get you further ahead than answers.

Sometimes, questions are in themselves answers in the journey of self-exploration and discovery.

When writers inquire about something, they break free from their inner circle and step inside the lines of the world – once bounded but now revealed to them – and fuse with it; every notion, every thought, every element – whether hidden or perceivable – becomes transparent and visible to the writer’s eyes.

The writer becomes both the channel and the source, feeding on the energy of the world, its symmetry, its patterns, and its music before redirecting them through his inner thoughts and sending them back into the world that first inspired their creation.

Whenever I start writing, I always jab down my questions on a small piece of paper. That paper haunts my thoughts – or rather, guides them – in the writing process.

By the time I have finished, the small piece of paper has disappeared and completely dissolved in my mind; instead, I find myself cursed with more questions which I pin down on a new piece of paper.

And the process restarts.



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