The written word. It can come so easily at times, like a breeze gently passing by, and so difficultly at others – like a dry desert in dire need of water.

I couldn’t write one day. As I sat there staring blankly at my laptop screen, I couldn’t write. I had decided to write. Still, I couldn’t write. Not a single word came out of me. Or rather, to be truthful, not a single convincing word came out of me.

It occurred to me that my well had dried or was on the verge of drying. After all, isn’t writing, like everything else, a part of the limited finite realm that contains us?

We humans – imperfect and flawed by nature – do not have access to the holy infinite riches but rather benefit from the finite lesser pleasures of the universe.

So it seems just as natural that writing – a human activity in its nature – be one of those finite things man is allowed to profit from.
Limits disgusted me. They were like strains, burdens that one must take into account before performing any sort of task. Writing was no different. Limits had to be taken into account.

I decided to accept my fate, or at least, my temporary resignation. I went over and picked up my guitar. I caressed its neck – I felt the wood rub on the side of my hand. It was fresh; as if it were the first time I picked up that lovely instrument.

I strummed the chords of the instrument – a random, unplanned strum. It produced a random, unplanned sound. By unleashing such random strums I was finally able to create a random, unplanned tune that took the shape of a melody.

The melody transformed the space of the room, turning it upside down, clearing the fresh air and substituting it with the loud vacuum of a claustrophobic concert stage. I was entranced by this beautiful harmony – a random tone unparalleled and unheard by my ears.
I felt no limits. I felt no shackles straining me, holding me back from achieving a piece of greatness.

Maybe some things are meant to be unbound in this world. Maybe music is one of them.

Maybe writing is one of them.

I went back and confronted my laptop screen. It was blank. I hit a few tabs on my keyboard. Some random, unplanned words appeared.

I calmly waited for the magical symphony to follow.



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